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B.E.A.R. Reading Center

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Thank you all for your support. I am forever grateful for the program and the services our sons received. Both of our sons have been in the program and what a difference it has made in their young lives. They no longer struggle with their learning disabilities and have learned to overcome their difficulties with the help that they have received from the wonderful staff at the Center. Without this program, our sons would not be a successful in school as they are today. With the support from the Center, we believe they will achieve their goals to succeed in college and in life. Thank you again. I cannot speak highly enough of this Center.


Thank you so much for providing a solution for our daughter.  She went from tears to smiles, form frustration to confidence and form academic struggles to the honor roll. The program has completely transformed her life. Shortly after she started the program, she read a book to me for the first time “just for fun”. Thank you for changing al little girl’s life for the rest of her life.


I am so thankful for this program and how it helped me. It has helped me in spelling, and it has help me to sound out words.

-A Child

Thank you for making this possible for us kids to come here and learn. I wouldn’t have known any of the different sounds or rules if this program didn’t exist.

-A Child

I want to say thank you to the people who helped put this program together. They have helped me with learning English better. They have made it easier for me to understand it in different ways. Thank you for making this place possible for kids in need.

-A Child

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